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How to perform an Exchange 2010 Export Mailbox to PST

In an earlier article we looked at the New-MailboxImportRequest command, so in this post we’re going to examine the sibling command New-MailboxExportRequest. It stands to reason that there would be an Export version of this command to enable admins to easily export mailboxes to PST for archiving or discovery purposes, and the New-MailboxExportRequest command has […]

How to Remove Exchange Server

With Exchange 2010 SP2 released, it’s past time for you to start putting all those old Exchange 2003 servers out to pasture, and any Exchange 2000 servers still hanging on out of their misery. The process to remove Exchange 2003 (or any other version) is not as simple as formatting the drive, but too often […]

Exchange 2010 Message Tracking

Exchange includes a great tool for checking on email messages called Exchange Message Tracking. Exchange 2010 message tracking enables administrators to consult Exchange 2010 message tracking logs to determine whether or not an email message was delivered, whether the message was between internal users, sent from an external user to an internal user, or sent […]