Conversational Exchange



Sponsored by Mimecast, this book will take you on a historical feature tour of Exchange from its early iterations to the modern on-premise/online flavors we have today.  Written conversationally so you can easily converse with others.  Whether you are in Sales/Marketing/PR work around Exchange or an Exchange expert, you’ll enjoy this easy read.

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Conversational Office 365


Office 365

Sponsored by ClipTraining, this book will help both end-users and IT admins embark on a journey to the cloud with Exchange Online and other Office 365 features. Contrary to popular belief, Office 365 is not just the next flavor of the Office Suite. It represents a new means of providing enterprise grade features to your end-users through online services. This mini-booklet will help you grasp what O365 really is and help you determine if it is for you and your company.

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J. Peter’s Office 365 Roadshow with Mimecast

news-mimecastJ. Peter is speaking about the move to the cloud in a multi-city, international tour sponsored by Mimecast.

J. Peter re-launches Conversational Geek

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