Getting Started with the Exchange Management Console

In today’s video I would like to talk about the tool you have to work with in Exchange Server 2007 the Exchange Management Console (EMC), so let’s start.

On the left-hand side of the Exchange Management Console are four work centers, which consist of the Organization Configuration, Server Configuration, Recipient Configuration and the Toolbox.  The middle section divides into a Result pane and a Work pane, while the right hand column holds the Actions pane. Right clicking on an item will also display the various actions that can be performed on an item.

Experienced administrators may want to turn off the Actions pane by clicking on the “Show/Hide Action Pane” toggle along the top of the Exchange Management Console, or customized the columns that are displayed using the “Add/Remove Columns…” option from the View menu.  Finally, various components of the Console can also be turned on and off from the “Customize…” option, which is also located on the View menu.

And that’s all you need to know about the Exchange Management Console (EMC).