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For those of you faithful followers to this blog (which I prefer to call a premium channel for Exchange-only information) you may wonder why we say the “return” rather than the “revamp” of  Allow me to explain.

When I started Exclusively Exchange years back it was well received and I poured a ton of time into it.  But as time grew shorter and my family grew larger I felt like I couldn’t give it the proper attention that my audience deserved.  As a result it was, in a word, lacking.  Lacking new content, lacking focus… just outright lacking.  GFI came along and said “JPB, we’d like to take it over for you and keep it moving forward” and they did that and did a great job for a time.  But in recent months it has lain fallow and it became time for me to make a decision:  drop the site or run with it (and make sure it’s awesome).

It was a quick decision.  As an Exchange MVP I need an unfettered outlet for my thoughts, opinions, and perceptions in the world of Exchange and is that outlet.  While I continue to write for InfoWorld (the Enterprise Windows column) and teach Exchange through Pluralsight, I must have my own premium channel in the Exchange world.

With a renewed vigor and zeal I return and look forward to this next iteration of Exclusively Exchange.  My focus will be on the latest relevant news from the Exchange and Office 365 world and I’m excited to get started.


J. Peter

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  1. Ravikumar September 6, 2013 at 12:44 am #

    Thanks for coming back… :)