J. Peter speaking at MEC 2014 and releasing latest book: Conversational Exchange!

This has truly been a busy quarter for me.  I haven’t kept up with my blog nearly as well as I intended.  But I’m making up for that with the release of my latest book “Conversational Exchange” (which will be free online, free to download in PDF, and at-cost in paperback). But before I tell you […]

3 Free Exchange Tools

Last week I had the privilege of handling a QnA session for the folks at MSExchange.org as the concluding session for ExchangeCON.  ExchangeCON is a virtual conference that included several sessions revolving around high availability, disaster recovery and more.  The event was sponsored by several key Exchange third-party players like Kemp Technologies, Enow and Mimecast.  […]

The Return of ExclusivelyExchange.com

For those of you faithful followers to this blog (which I prefer to call a premium channel for Exchange-only information) you may wonder why we say the “return” rather than the “revamp” of ExclusivelyExchange.com.  Allow me to explain. When I started Exclusively Exchange years back it was well received and I poured a ton of […]

Transport Services in Exchange 2013

With the new Exchange 2013 architecture moving away from the use of a Hub Transport server and only going with a Client Access server for front end transport and a Mailbox server some are confused regarding how mail flows. The Microsoft Exchange Team says the mail flow process occurs through the “transport pipeline” which is […]

The Setup Progress Steps Exchange 2013

When performing an installation of Exchange 2013 some have noted that the Setup Progress steps at the end of the install process is different for each person.  This isn’t entirely accurate (there are patterns) but there are distinctions based upon the amount of effort spent preparing your organization ahead of time combined with the server […]

Exchange 2013’s New Managed Store

All the email, calendaring items, contacts, tasks and so forth need to be housed somewhere within Exchange.  In the end it all goes into a database and that database needs an engine to help manage it, processes to work with it and additional services to help with the replication of data. Exchange uses the Extensible […]

Installing Exchange 2013 on Server 2012

If you had a choice of a server to install Exchange 2013 on, you would want to go with Server 2012.  But remember, that decision may have a few learning curve bites to it. Exchange 2013, the latest server messaging application from Microsoft, has the ability to be installed on either a Windows Server 2008 […]

Is virtualization the wise choice with Exchange 2013?

The past few years (since Microsoft’s support policy officially supported it) all you have heard about is how you should virtualize Exchange.  Virtualize your CAS and Hub Transport roles.  Even virtualize your Mailbox server role but avoid using fixed .vhds and go with SCSI pass-through storage or iSCSI storage (although the Mailbox role is still […]